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 Winter Group Training Schedule 

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2022-23 Winter Series

Monday's 6:00-6:30 PM ET

Join Bella Monday's at 6:00pm eastern for an all levels class built on strength, balance, and stability. Each class will be set up in a pyramid style for the ultimate test of hypertrophy. We will use various types of free weights to complement the workout.



Equipment is recommended but not necessary to take this class. This class is designed for the advanced beginner and up. 

Young woman practicing yoga, sitting in Seated forward bend exercise, paschimottanasana po

2022-23 Winter Series

Monday's 6:30-7:00 PM ET

Join Bella weekdays at 6:30pm eastern for an all levels pilates/yoga fusion class with a gentle series of stretches at the end of the class. We will be using a variety of yoga and pilates styles including mat pilates, contemporary pilates, vinyasa, and yin yoga to aid in this total body workout.


As we brace for colder months, this is an excellent option to wind the body down at the end of the day. This low impact class is suitable for all levels.